Yoga at Tooting Leisure Centre

Yoga at Tooting Leisure Centre, Thursdays / various, website>

Their words:

Yoga offers exercise for all levels through an intense full body workout. Build strength, definition and flexibility in his chilled out class.

My experience:

It’s been a while since I’ve made it to this class so please do pop a comment if it’s changed or you had a different experience. I think it’s a hatha class, but the strongest memory I have is of being inspired by the ladies who go here they might be in their 50’s and they look phenomenal. The teacher has supported them to realise extraordinary poses. I like his approach of highlighting how yoga helps us get out of our minds and into our bodies. There’s plenty of breathing practice. I found the core pose sequence pleasantly demanding, and loved the relaxation at the end. It’s a good value class too, and there aren’t many of those left!

Have you been? Please do add your comments below and sign up for updates of new classes in the area.

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