Some of the feedback people have been kind enough to offer…

‘The CCT course has taken me on an inspiring, emotional and life changing journey. In just 8 weeks my perception has been changed and I have been able to break old habits with compassion and mindfulness both for myself and those around me. This is just the beginning! I loved this course and didn’t want it to end. Emily is a fantastic source of knowledge, compassion and support. I would recommend this course to anyone.’  (CCT participant)

A fabulous, deeply practical and intensely useful learning experience, leading to a real understanding of how compassion can be used not only to help deal with your own Uploaded imageproblems but also how to ride with more ease the problems of others and the world. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their practice of mindfulness to the next stage.
Dr. Nick Smith, MBBS, MBA. CCT (online) participant


‘Even when I was exhausted at the end of day’s work and didn’t feel like going to a session I always left feeling so pleased that I went. Emily was an extremely positive mentor throughout the course and she facilitated an open and friendly atmosphere among the participants. I would recommend it to anyone, whether you’ve never mediated before (like me).’ (CCT participant)

sarah‘The meditation was fully booked almost as soon as it was announced! Afterwards everyone was raving about how relaxing it was. Emily really put everyone at ease and it was a great introduction to meditation, especially in a busy workplace.’ (Sarah House, House of Fraser – meditation in a corporate setting)

Uploaded image‘I really enjoy the classes. The course has helped me to reinforce and accelerate changes that I was making in my life and Emily is a fantastic and gifted facilitator.’ (Ben, CCT participant)

‘I came to the course not really knowing what I would get out of it, and found myself drawn back each week, wanting to learn more, to feel better, to BE better – through meditation, and understanding and practising compassion. This is a tool for life, and I hope more people get to hear about it – it can change lives!’ (CCT participant)

‘This is really a life-changing course!’ (Sam, CCT participant)