fireI’m posting poems,  reflections and observations here as a reflective practice, and as an invitation for you to join me in an open discussion. I’d love to hear your ideas, thoughts, or anything else back. Anything goes*. You will be helping me weave together discussions… I’m thinking of the kind of discussions you have around a fire, over endless cups of tea, and books, and long walks, and if you’re lucky in classrooms that stop feeling like a classroom at all, the kind that get fists banging – before bear hugging. Or as far as that’s possible online.

You can click on a theme below to explore it more and add to the conversation. I’ve put this discussion here for now, because I’m particularly curious to weave these conversations through my own practices – and to offer up those practices for critique (and curiosity) beyond the buzzwords of mindfulness and compassion.

Please do post any thoughts in the discussion box below, or in the discussions in the themes. If you’ve got any questions, or if you’d prefer to message me directly, please do here.


* except spamming!

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