MBSR in Tooting with Cecilia

MBSR (Mindful based stress reduction) and MBCT (Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy) with Cecilia Hazlerrig>

Her words:

Cecilia is a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher who works with individuals, couples and groups in her private practice based in South West London.

At the core of her approach, Cecilia is interested in the whole of you.  Were there an aim to the therapeutic process, it would be to live a more fulfilling life, as the person you want to be – rather than whom you may feel you have become, or are currently known as.

She is passionate about exploring the dynamic relationship between behaviours and identity, and how the two continually interact with one another.  If you, or someone you care about, are struggling with self-limiting or self-harming behaviours, Cecilia may be able to help.

Cecilia came to study psychology and later psychotherapy at postgraduate level from an academic background firmly rooted in the humanities.  Throughout her studies has been a constant area of interest – people, their motivations and their struggles.  Her background enables her to draw upon eclectic insights from philosophy, psychology, and mindfulness approaching the challenges her clients experience as difficulties of life and living, rather than pathologised problems.

My experience:
I’ve spoken with Cecilia about her courses but haven’t been to one – yet! Purely due to diary clashes. I love her calm approach, and evident abundance of knowledge for mindfulness.
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