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Compassion & mindfulness courses by Dr. Amy Finlay-Jones, various locations (UK, Australia & others) website>

Their words:

Compassion is a process that unfolds in response to suffering. It begins with the recognition of suffering, which gives rise to thoughts and feelings of empathy and concern. This, in turn, motivates action to relieve that suffering. Humans have a natural capacity for compassion. However, everyday stress, social pressures and life experiences can make it difficult to fully express this capacity. Each of us can choose to nurture and grow the compassionate instinct, like a plant that is carefully cultivated from a seed. This process requires patience, steady care, proper tools, and a supportive environment.

Amy is a therapist, researcher, and compassion teacher who is dedicated to helping others cultivate more balanced, connected, and meaningful lives through compassion and mindfulness practice.

My experience:

I had the absolute pleasure of training as a CCT facilitator alongside Amy. She rocks. She is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field of compassion courses and academia – and she’s also hilarious.

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