Mindfulness and corporates

mindfulnesscorporateMeditation is, of course, a social practice. But too often we can welcome it as an entirely benign solution. Often our frazzled, troubled minds are simply too desperate for something to save them, to consider our choices. There’s nothing wrong with this if those choices are freely made. But what about when a company of frazzled workers are offered a free course in mindfulness by their employers? A purely benevolent act to support the work force? A cynical attempt by corporates to ‘squeeze more out of already tired workers’? Or something else entirely? I warmly encourage students to critique meditation, mindfulness and it’s role in our societies. So I enjoyed reading this article in Salon by Kali Holloway:

‘You can tell a lot about trendy new concepts by who embraces them, and why. In the case of mindfulness, business leaders cite a number of reasons why they’ve adopted the concept so wholeheartedly….’ read more >